Foreclosures, Estate Sales, and Court-Ordered Sales in Sooke

Sometimes, you can save money on properties in Sooke by pursuing a foreclosure or court-ordered sale. This also applies to estate sales - the estate may sell at a discount just to be done with the property.

The trick is finding them and then successfully purchasing them.

Foreclosures and court-ordered sales are different from regular purchases. They require a bit more work and involve a bit more uncertainty. Until the court approves the sale, you won't know for sure if you will be the successful purchaser. I've helped buyers purchase several foreclosures and court-ordered sales and I've written about the subject on my blog. I would highly recommend reading these articles to educate yourself about the process.

Foreclosures Update March 2017

The current real estate market in Sooke has created a situation where foreclosures are very few and far between, and even when they are found, buyers are facing stiff competition in court, often having to bid far above the initial offer to win. For this reason, I have not been updating the list. However, do feel free to join the mailing list, and if I do find something I think is outstanding, I'll send out a message. Thanks - Tim

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