Facebook Advertising That Actually Works

With the popularity and ubiquity of Facebook, your REALTOR® needs to be there in a meaningful way.

Most agents think being on Facebook is posting a link to your listing on their personal account, but this is not particularly useful - why do old high school friends, relatives in South Africa, or grandparents in Winnipeg care about the listing in Sooke?

OK, maybe they have a Facebook business page. Unless it has a few hundred followers that are engaged around some sort of content, this is not effective either. People don't go on facebook to see property ads. If an agent simply blasts listings this is not of any value and Facebook's algorithm will not display it to very many users. 

What The Sooke?! is a community page I started a few years ago, which now has 2000 followers. They are there because I post community events, pictures, news, and so on. They also see my listings for sale when I post them. In addition to this, I use paid Facebook ads to boost the reach of my listings to targeted markets. I can target just my followers, or their facebook friends, or geographic areas, different age groups, and many other criteria.

Case Study

Facebook Ad ExampleAbove is an ad I placed for a property in mid-September, 2014. Over the next few months, it displayed to 42,489 people a total of 143,965 times, resulting in 5,554 clicks to the property on this website. You'll also note the number of likes, comments, and even shares - these are people that liked the ad enough to not only read it and click through to it, but also take action on Facebook, further increasing the ad's reach.

Think your property could benefit from 5500 additional views online?

Facebook isn't everything, of course. Learn more about why you'll love working with me. Visit my Sellers Page for more details, call or text 250-885-0512, or contact me here.

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